You guys came up with that pretty quickly. {x}

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back to school commercials


back to school commercials after graduation


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sarge’s epithets are seriously the greatest part of this series

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Dance on season 2 with Rwby 

(Rwby’s victory dance as the robot)

#Please be an episode with Ruby teaching Penny how to dance#And she shows her how to do the ‘Robot’#And Penny just breaks out into a cold sweat#’shit shit shit’

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Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron // How to Train Your Dragon


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I love the food fight scene so much that I made a gif for it.

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I’m merely 19 with a glass kokoro.

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Hello, writerly friends, the VWA is back in session!

What is the VWA?

The Virtual Writing Academy is a weekly writing class where we explore strange writing exercises. This is NOT a lecture. You are not going to learn by listening— but by doing. So, take out your notebooks because we are going to write!

In this week’s episode: I make you hella sad as we explore the harsh life of being a ‘hero.’ Make sure to have tissues handy, because you’ve just boarded the Feels Train c;

Missed our previous classes? Check out the playlist!

If you want more writing advice videos subscribe to me on Youtube, and, if you want your daily dose of writerly advice and prompts, then make sure follow my blog:! ♥︎

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url inspired graphic for heckyeahgavinfree

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this guy is a guardian of the galaxy 

I feel safer already

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"I’ll always be like this, stuck in this beautiful form, and you’ll have to deal with it."

He seemed to sense that she expected a grave response, but for the moment, he was incapable. “I suppose it’s a burden I must bear,” he said, grinning.

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teams rwby and jnpr using food like their weapons

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